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What do I do?

Updated: May 14, 2023

I think I’m gonna continue with another Blog Post about my music and where you can find me. What do I create? How do I sound like?

Well, you can get a peek of my sound and voice in my media on the page.

I am a Solo artist and create my own Songs and Music. But I also like to cover songs that are inspiring to me or have a big impact in my life. I sing and perform at Ceremonies (such as Weddings), which are always very touching and emotional moments. I love to make people happy with my music and create the ceremony into a very personal and emotional moment for the couple. What kind of songs I will sing and how the music sounds like is always individual by each ceremony.

How I started making music and my story about singing will be up on the Blog in the future.

As you can see in my Videos I also enjoy collaborations with other musicians.

To work and create with other singers & instrumentalists is a lot of fun and can be very inspiring. I will tell you more about the collaborations in another post but they have been a lot of fun! To connect with other musicians is a great experience. On the other hand I also use to sing and perform in different Musicals, little Open Airs, Irish Pubs or other Concert Venues. I also used to sing, create and work with a Band from California which had a big impact in my life. I enjoy trying out different sounds with different creators and musicians. But this here is just me. My guitar, my voice and the personal touch of my music. My Story.

acustic sounds with spirit & soul by Vali Herrera.


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