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"Silence in the dark."

- Vali Herrera -


Acoustic music with spirit and soul by singer, songwriter and creator Vali Herrera. Touching sound for ceremonies, weddings, funerals and other events


Vali singing at an event in Zug.


Performing at different venues and events such as wedding ceremonies.

Vali started out taking classical singing lessons at a young age and continued singing while creating her own music.
She combines the sounds of the acoustic guitar with classical singing, and creates a mix of her own compositions, nostalgic covers and a little bit of melancholy.
Opera Metal and Celtic Music have an impact on her, and she gets inspired by the mystic atmosphere and music from her past.

With a diverse educational background and a variety of skills, she has gained expertise in singing, vocal coaching, hosting, and content creation.

Vali enjoys collaborating with other artists and musicians and is often part of different projects at once.


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