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How music became my passion...

I am going to talk about how it all started with me and creating and making music.

Well, music has always been my passion.

The interest of singing, listening, and making music got more and more present in my early life. I started to sing in a choir as a six year old and continued with professional vocal lessons. Soon after I started playing the guitar as well and ended up visiting the music school about three times a week for practice, concerts or workshops. I continued with classical vocal coaching and got deeper into the history and theory of Opera and Arias.

Music was more than a hobby to me. It gave me so much joy to sing and make music, that I started to create my own songs and sounds. I started to write lyrics and cover different songs. Some of those lyrics and songs I still use today in different variations. I always tried to put a personal touch and vibe in a cover song so i keep feeling connected to the sound. My passion has put me on an adventurous journey. I wanted music to not only be my passion but to be part of my work as well. Working at a music radio connected me with other artists, musicians and producers and I could combine the job with making and creating music. The journey goes on and all these years I’ve had great experiences like singing at concerts and events, perform in musicals or travel all the way to California where I had the opportunity to be on tour with a local band from San Diego. There I could share my adventure with other artists. This story definitely deserves a blogpost on here as well.

Back from the States I kept making music and started to collab with other musicians. I used to sing in different duo projects and my journey with singing and music will be continued. It will always be part of my life and creating a life around music and work with my passion is giving me true joy.


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